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Inside of boulder camRead all about the use of the Super wide angle lenses for the new international series "Fly Away" (producer Willem Mouissie) and BBCs' "LIONS" (producer John Downer)  Both using the skills of wildlife cameramen:  
Michael Richards (BBC) and Jan van der Meer (founder Global-DVC) using Sony  VX1000, VX2000 and TRV20 for fantastic shots from unexpected angles.


THE MAKING OF ........

Century Super Wide Angle Lenses opened a brand new future in natural history film-making for John Downer Producer BBC LIONS and Willem Mouissie Producer "Fly Away". Read all about  the technical wizardry of Geoff Bell, a cameraman who specialises in creating job-specific filming gadgetry and designer of bouldercam 

The MAKING of "Fly Away":

Sony TRV20 shot 16:9 mode with Century ultra fish-eye on Vancouver Beaver 

"This is really amazing quality and even better as what I was dreaming of...!"  International TV producer Willem Mouissie ('Rail Away' & 'Fly Away') loves the Special Effect Shots, Global-DVC Founder Jan van der Meer shot with his two most favorite cams at this moment Sony VX2000 and a TRV20 upside down with the Ultra Fisheye Adapter on a special Super Clamp. 


Absolutely fabulous shots from Beaver Wing with Century Precision Optics.
Special Video-report on production techniques, info and tips during this "Fly Away" Canada episode,  will be shown at coming Video Hobby Journal Nr.10 (VHS) (Gratis voor Global-DVC-leden /  Free for Global-DVC members)

MORE INFO price and results about this ULTRA Lens! Follow this link Fisheyepc100.JPG (29728 bytes)

 ULTRA FISHEYE ADAPTER For all camera's 37-58mm
Photo left  on Sony PC100 
Specially designed for  VX1000 & VX2000.


Same set-up used underneath a Twin Beech 18. The stable mounting clamp we still left on and is very safe. Call Phil Bergman Vancouver Island Air to make your own footage! We even filmed the biggest pot of killer whales on August 22 since two years at Campbell River Discovery Passage ....beautiful ! 

We did take the same shots (also air to air) with heli's above Niagara Falls with www.Niagarahelicopters.com and did Virginia Falls on the Nahanni River NWT with www.Wolverineair.com & www.Simpsonair.com. All of them great people. Thanks to all of them for a great time!

For our Global-DVC members we have this special lens on stock or to test! 

www.( for our new mailadres please see header on our new site www.global-dvc.nl )